DT82I The Industrial Solution

DT82I The Industrial Solution

• USB memory for easy data & program transfer
• Internal battery acts as a UPS
• Dual Channel Isolation Technology
• 2x Serial ‘Smart Sensor’ ports
• User definable allocation of memory size & mode
• Web Interface
• FTP for automatic data transfer
• Modbus for sensors and SCADA connection
• Up to 6 Analog (± 30V) sensor inputs
• 12V and 5V outputs for powering sensors
• 8 Flexible Digital channels



The dataTaker DT82I is a smart data logger provides an extensive array of features that allow it to be used across a wide variety of applications.

The Smarter Solution

The DT82I is a robust, stand alone, low power data logger featuring USB memory stick support, 18-bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and built-in display. The dataTaker DT82I’s Dual Channel concept allows up to 4 isolated or 6 common referenced analog inputs to be used in many combinations.

With support for Modbus sensors and SCADA systems, FTP and Web interface and switchable 12V and 5V regulated outputs to power sensors, the DT82I is a totally self contained solution.

Versatile Measurement

Connect and array of sensors through the versatile analog and digital channels, high-speed counter inputs, phase encoder inputs, programmable serial sensor channels and the optional CANgate interface (available CAN bus applications). Temperature, voltage, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges, frequency, digital, serial and calculated measurements can all be scaled, logged and returned in engineering units or within statistical reporting. Set up sampling, logging, alarm and control tasks to suit your own requirements while interfaces for smart sensors, GPS and other intelligent devices expand the DT82I’s flexibility.

Superior Data Storage and Communications

With the standard unit able to store up to 10 million data points (expandable) you can log as much or as little as you need. Overwrite or stop logging once allocated memory is full, archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory or transfer via FTP, the choice is yours. Communications features include RS232 and Ethernet, connect to the DT82I locally, remotely through a modem or over the internet. The web interface allows users to configure the DT82I, access logged data and see current measurements as mimics or in a list using a web browser. FTP allows you to send data to your office over the internet or mobile network, without the need for polling or having to develop custom host software.

To download dataTaker brochures and firmware, please visit the following page: Please click here, link to dataTaker