DWC was founded in 1996 and has become one of the leading suppliers and manufactures of anemometers and wind vanes mainly for the wind turbine industry.

Wind sensors from DWC is used world wide on a wide range of applications, mainly for wind turbines, but sensors from DWC is also in operation on weather stations, marine applications and building automation .

Our main goal was to design a instrument there was reliable and easy to customize to any brand in the wind turbine industry. Examples of brands where DWC wind systems is installed by wind turbines manufactures, energy companies or service companies can be mentioned a.o.: Bonus, NEG Micon, Vestas, Micon, Wind World, Nordex and STX Windpower
Wind sensors from DWC is also designed to easy to replace your existent wind sensors on the a wide range of wind turbines brands. >> More about products from DWC