CEM20 Channel Expansion Module

CEM20 Channel Expansion Module


  • Turns one analogue channel into 20
  • Cost effective
  • Compact size
  • Ultra low power
  • Compatible with DT80 & DT85 series loggers (series 2 and later)
  • Solid construction and design


Increasing the channel capacity of the dataTaker DT80 range is made very easy by adding dataTaker Channel Expansion Modules (CEM20). Each CEM20 connects 20 universal data logging channels to the dataTaker data logger.


Increased Channel Capacity

A dataTaker CEM20 connects to one analogue channel of the dataTaker data logger. This effectively expands the total channel capacity of the DT80 to 320 analogue inputs and the DT85 to an incredible 960 inputs. Incorporating the same dual isolation technology as the DT80 range dataTaker data loggers each channel of the CEM20 can be used for two isolated inputs or three common reference inputs so the maximum inputs increases further.


Easy Setup and Connection

Connecting a channel expansion module to a dataTaker data logger is very easy. The CEM20 is powered directly from the dataTaker data logger 12V output. Analog output connections of the CEM20 connect to a analog channel of the data logger.

Analogue and control cables for connection to the dataTaker data logger are included as standard.

To download dataTaker brochures and firmware, please visit the following page: Please click here, link to dataTaker